The MNML Experience: Stretch denim is the best denim…

I Finally made the push to cop some top quality denim, you can’t go wrong pieces! These items mark my first purchases as an official streetwear fashion blogger and I can let you guys know I am more than satisfied.

Best Balmain Alternative?

After intense browsing on the MNML.LA online site, I came across two items that tickled my fancy. I ordered in a scarce amount as these were essentially my taster fit to see if the products suited my image. The ‘M14 Stretch Denim in Blue’  and the ‘Drop II Tee in Black’ were the two pieces that I selected and are showcased in the slideshow below. They caught my eye and when I received them in person I was all the more impressed. In my opinion, the fit of the stretch denim is almost dream-like, it is tailored from the thigh down to the ankle in a seamless tailored fit which gives the conventional ‘streetwear’ look. This allows for the perfect stacking around the shins and the calves which sit very well just above the preferred footwear of choice. The iconic feature that captivated me was the inseam zips on the end of the jeans.

MNML  Clothing Research & Development

I am really grateful for the thought and design process behind MNML.LA as they aimed to produce affordable denim inspired by the famous Fear of God denim collection. This stretch denim in particular is very similar to the Balmain jean which I have always been a fan of. I have been searching for this particular style for a while, clothing brands such as Zara & H&M were my go to places for styles like this but they didn’t match the degree and quality I was looking for. MNML.LA achieved the standard I had been looking for which was really convenient. The drop tee just completed the simple fit with elegance. The oversized look is starting to become largely in trend amongst the streetwear community. The color black really compliments the dark gradient of the stretch denim jean. I feel despite the color color co-ordination being easily accomplished, the overall look is very iconic for me personally – less is more people.

Soho is the epitome of beautiful locations…

The next step to complete my whole MNML.LA experience was in fact the photoshoot. I travelled down to the location of Soho, London. I was more than glad to be joined by my good personal friend Pete (@petezzl) who has a firm grounding in the streetwear community with a fairly active following. His collection of fits are dope and he is also an avid fan of the MNML.LA brand, I was in fact introduced to them through Pete so he definitely knows how to put a couple of pieces together. We settled with a location that captured the atmosphere of an urban city environment with slight edginess of a street vibe that was boosted by the winding road in the background. Let’s not forget to mention the famous ‘Jordan 11 Space Jam Monster Mash‘ sneaker that featured in the MJ film ‘Space Jam’ we were wearing to finish off the look. The celebration for the launch of the Nike SNKRS app in the UK allowed us to to cop on the restock in good timing.

To conclude, my first hand experience of MNML.LA was near flawless as I am worries about the elasticity wearing off at the hems of the jean which are crucial in achieving the tapered look. But I must say the 2% Spandex in the material really makes a difference in comfort because it gives room needed around the upper leg.

My Instagram handle: @nana_szn

Don’t forget, use my discount code ‘NANA10’ for 10% off your orders on the website.

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