Best Designer Outfit – Burberry, Timberland & Armani ft Gucci Belt Transformation!

The flex is another level this time round!
I must say I am proud of this fit as I incorporated a variety of designer brands to complete the full look. The autumn colours from Burberry & Gap complement each other well to give a balanced tone.

Thought process behind the fit

Through this fit, I was aiming for an urban look that still gave off streetwear vibes but on a much more sophisticated level. The chinos from Gap allowed me to pull off a smart but stylish look which was rounded off with some Air Max 1 Jewels in the Red rendition. The Burberry tee was a loose and boxy fit which follows the ‘oversized’ trend that is sweeping the men’s clothing community off of it’s feet. IMG_3337The quality of the cotton is extremely good which enhanced the look all the more. The iconic checkered look on the tee is popular amongst the Burberry shirt range but in my opinion, the tee fulfils the hype to the same extent if not better. My only qualm is that the collar was a bit flimsy and I would sometimes find myself readjusting it so my look remained flawless but overall the tee was top notch.

Is this potentially the best trouser brand?

The Gap chinos were a dope slim fit which sat comfortably on top of the Air Max 1 Jewel. My selection of sneaker gave the whole outfit a ‘clean’ look with an almost pearlescent white vibe. The colours of the fit blended well but were not the brightest therefore a bit of shine was added through the Air Maxes. For the outerwear, I wore a Timberland quilted jacket which completed the Autumn look effectively. In the shoot, the jacket was worn underneath my shoulders to create a unique style and to show some flair with the outfit. It would be fair to say that this was inspired by ‘trippy’ American streetwear fits usually showcased by the likes of Ian Connor or A$AP Rocky but I have incorporated it into my own cultured urban fashion style.

I went HAM on the accessories I can’t even lie! The Armani Jeans Pouch put the fit into perspective how it would be practical on outings to Cental London or other locations. I like the simplicity of the bag and the subtle repetitive logo print that flows diagonally across the streetwear accessory.

Gucci Optimus Prime

To finish it off, the customised wear of the the Gucci belt! I have never attempted this before but I got inspiration from the radical styles and wrap-around techniques used with the iconic streetwear staple: the off white construction belt. My fellow friends at this shoot Pete (@petezzl) and Mahad (@md17_szn) suggested that I make use of the garments I had available to spice things up a bit! In my opinion it gave the overall picture a new distinction that showed individuality. The double strap across my chest gave the impression of a ‘cultural streetwear harness’. Maybe it was a bit much, but I want to be confident enough to take fashion risks.

What do you guys think of this fit? any critiques?

Instagram Handle: @nana_szn

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