Marbek Essentials: Orange DPM Camo Hoodie.

This particular shoot was focused on an exquisite setting that was enticing highlighting the essence of the fit pics through a picturesque environment. The view from the roof terrace located at One New Change shopping centre, adjacent to St Pauls Cathedral in London, was one of beauty with the sights extending to the magnificent London Eye. The relaxed and luxurious setting had similar vibes to the euphoria experienced sitting on marble floors of a hotel balcony. This place was visually pleasing and gave the pics that extIMG_3351ra boost to encapsulate streetwear culture.

Cathedral Setting

I made sure that the background of the images captured the beautiful skyline vividly just above the terrace glass barriers. I feel I achieved a good contrast of color with the vibrant orange camo DPM hoodie against the gentle blue grayscale colors of the London skies and buildings. The hoodie is a very comfortable fit that sits well but not too tight. I could accomplish a folded look at the hems to make my Gucci belt visible to capture the full essence of the streetwear fit.

Best streetwear materials?

The scuba material that makes up the majority the clothing item, is something revolutionary in the industry. It envisions the new contemporary streetwear clothing styles that are beginning to be embraced. Marbek are a brand that are successfully identifying this new trend, establishing high end quality pieces whilst preserving the culture of raw streetwear. Their Camo DPM hoodies are bestsellers as well as their iconic bomber jackets. The camo trend has influenced a lot of fashion styles as of late but instead of rocking the original army, earthly colors, I chose to rock a much more vibrant piece that spoke through the outfit. The simplicity and consistency of the colors on the hoodie is what make it such a wavy item. The print at the front in white writing ‘Marbek’ complements the orange shades. Moreover, the piece is so colorful and piercing that I balanced the tones with dark river island jeans and Nike Air Max 1s. The fit is simple but holds streetwear class complemented by the amazing setting.

My Fashion Aspirations

I want achieve bold statements in my outfits. As my passion and insight grows in depth, I will get a hold of more items and ‘grails’ that will aid me in keeping a consistent urban contemporary look. I don’t want to be a replica of streetwear fanatics that wear high end clothing for ‘clout’ but actually demonstrate a good eye and strong fashion coordination. This fit was simple but strong through the vibrancy of colours which was diluted by the tonal shades of the leg wear and footwear. The contrast was a good mix and blended well with the generic scenery behind the focal point. I will definitely be copping some more Marbek items in the feature as they are renowned for their extraordinary prices but still are able to preserve quality materials. Comfort is key in streetwear and in fact equally as important as style – this serves the purpose of what we know of the term ‘streetwear’. Marbek achieves this without a shadow of a doubt.

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Check out their dope items:

Instagram Handle: @nana_szn

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