JUMPMAN 23 OG UNBOXING – Jordan 11 Space Jams!

This post will feature my Jordan 11 pick up from the Nike innovated SNKRS app. The release was part of an extended range of iconic models that were to be released in the context of celebrating the European launch of sneaker app.

These creps are personally an all time grail of man and was the item that sparked the initial start to my streetwear campaign online. The aesthetic of this sneaker is top class which gives it that premium look and feel. It adds the needed punch to a range of streetwear outfits.

The culture and material of the sneaker.

The first appearance of the iconic silhouette  was when it hit screens featuring in the ’90s film Space Jam, along with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang. This is what generated the original hype of the sneaker and gave it the classic story that is evident right down to the detailed packaging.


There’s a translucent outsole, as well as a crisp white midsole. The upper features a combination of top quality patent leather and mesh. This adds to the overall durability of the shoe, it is hard to crease the toe box as such compared to a Jordan 1 model for example. Moreover, there are black laces and straps on the sidewall to lock the foot in place. A Blue/ Purple Jumpman logo branding features on the heel and on the middle of the tongue in Greek transcription. Overall the model is simple but effective, the outsole exaggerates the icy look and makes it extremely easy on the eye. The lacing system gives one flexibility on how to wear the sneaker in correspondence to the bottoms of your choice. In my personal case, for Mnml zipper jeans, I have a tight lock down and the zips open slightly however, with Represent denim, the laces are loose and the jeans fit just over the tongue of the sneaker.

Best Jordan model?

In my opinion the Jordan 11 Space Jams are the best model of Jordan alongside the Jordan 4 KAWS. It is perfect for a range of outfits and the high top aesthetic makes it such a sturdy and practical sneaker. The simplicity is what makes it stands out they way it does – the icy soles give it a top quality finish. The shine of the patent leather further exaggerates the premium look of the sneaker and adds value to the preferred outfit. The tone of the model is not too out there and therefore the footwear has flexible use and the translucent outsole gives the color and brightness needed.

Insane Packaging!

A major winning feature of this sneaker pair is the detail in the packaging. The colors are consistent with the Space Jams color way. There is a slide out system where you pull out a thin layer of cardboard to reveal the shoe box. The layer is branded ’23’ with the illustration of looney toons characters forming the number. This makes you reminiscent of the 90s film and adds to the experience of the unboxing as a whole. The main shoebox is just in-scripted subtly with ’45’ in a large slender black font.

Once the upper compartment is removed, a striking shiny plastic protects the inner goods that are yet to be revealed, it is purple/blue in color – props to Nike & Jordan for the prices behind the packaging as it is just immense. There is a dotted line writing ’11’ in roman numerals which adds to the intensive branding that features in many places around the packaging.


There is an additional black paper wrapping contrasted with a white branded ’45’ in white logo which is last layer concealing the sneaker. The detail of the packaging just goes to show how much value and culture is symbolized in this model. The consistent use of colors throughout the packaging adds to the appeal of the Jordan sneaker. Overall a near perfect grail!

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