SNEAKER CON LONDON NOV’ 17 ft. Qias Omar, Blazendary, Jaysse, Bull1trc & RayRay!

By far one of the best sneaker culture experiences to date!

‘Streetwear’ fashionably late…

On the 17th of November, I set off with a group of friends to ExCel London for the biggest sneaker event in the city. It was home to a respected hub of sneaker-heads, resellers and general lovers of the footwear/clothing culture. It was great to see such a broad mix of people who shared similar passions under one roof. I arrived there after midday and many items such as merch from The Unknown Blasian (@icykof) Giancarlo Purch, Qias Omar & Jaysee had already sold out completely!


Exploring the ‘Hypebeast’ attraction.

Nevertheless, I still dove straight into the action and soaked in the atmosphere that was flooded with many hyped pieces. The hall was set up similar to an exhibition and you could navigate your way around the area. There was a full 360 swivel set up – north of the building was a collective group of people reselling ‘hypebeast’ items. On the day I had brought the Supreme x Nike Running Track Pants in green. I was relatively a reseller novice and overestimated the value of this streetwear item therefore, struggled to find a good sale from it. Having copped for £80+ I was expecting resell of £100. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a willing buyer or suitable trade. I must say later down the line I found a buyer on Facebook and broke even!

Meeting the Streetwear Icons

It almost felt like an easter egg hunt. My friends and I scanned the hoards that were driven by celebratory sneaker culture and tried to pick out familiar faces. It is hard not to say I didn’t feel like a ‘fan girl’ but meeting certain people that represent the london street culture scene such as Kofi (@icykof) , made me appreciate the grind of fashion influencers alot more! They put themselves on a public platform to be judged and pursue their goals fiercely. The whole vlogging lifestyle, the confidence to look like a mad man with a camera, is something that is quite admirable especially when it has secured them a VIP slot at Sneakercon!

South of the venue, adjacent to the entrance was the main Crep Protect stage. It was hosted by the various ambassadors such as Qias Omar, Giancarlo, Vivian Frank and others. I managed to catch a few shots with some of them which only contributed more to the memorable experience.

There were various raffles and activities that took place during the event such as raffles, B-Ball 1 on 1s & Spin the wheel. I myself came across the Tango Squad freestyler, Jack Downer (@street_panna). I tried to challenge him to a nutmeg competition, but miserably failed haha!

Urban Street OOTD

I was quite flamboyant with my style choice that day. In fact, this has been one of my best poised pictures I gave posted on the gram! I received many compliments from people that day and I am pretty sure I was cause for many turning heads. I kept it simple but stylish. I managed to bag a compliment from Ray Ray which is win in any circumstance haha!

It consisted of a large fit ‘Revolutionary’ tee by @hm that was dressed with a custom African print shirt which had traditional designs that are predominantly red and blue. For leg wear, I wore heavy bleach denim from the @representclo essentials AW17 collection. This contrasted with the colourful shirt I was wearing. My choice of footwear was the Jordan 11 Space Jam. I wore an Armani man pouch to give that designer punch to my look, this rounded off the streetwear fit nicely in my opinion! What do you guys think?

Here are a few pics of my chosen outfit:

Oh yeah, I bumped into a few of the sidemen who suprisingly have a sligt interest in the footwear/ streetwear scene. Toby, Simon and Ethan all were very warm people (Miniminter is way taller in person man!)

A very good day I must admit!

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