A brief introduction into my personal blog page. I will showcase my differing stylised streetwear fits. In my shoots, I try to incorporate an urban or picturesque setting that complements the fit and also gives a slight insight to the practicality of the outfit in everyday life. I hope you enjoy my page and learn a few new things along the way!

Amongst my blog posts, I will comment and critique my clothing choices and the thought process behind them. I will take you through the unique assessment of my eye for fashion which you can cross reference with your own personal ones.

Over time as I am more educated about the streetwear community, I will be guided as to how to build up my streetwear wardrobe rotation. I don’t want to be a passive ‘hypebeast’ but one that has a negotiated opinion about various outfits seen on places on Instagram and picking the parts that appeal to me the most.


Instagram Handle: @nana_szn